Why choose Ed Galoustian as your photographer

  • Over 25 years experience
  • Studied with some of the top photographers in the country in wedding and portrait photography.
  • Uses 35mm and medium format cameras
  • Uses Hasselblad with Zeiss lenses (Zeiss lenses are one of the best optics in the world and Hasselblad cameras are used by professional photographers around the world)
  • Uses professional labs that deal exclusively with professional photographers and are members of the Kodak promise of excellence program. The quality of prints that are produced by pro labs are of the highest quality.
  • Use Kodak Endura Paper which lasts at least 100 years in home or 200 years in dark storage or 1-5 years for commerical display
  • Member of the Kodak Promise of excellence program - If any time in the future your portraits or images the color fades, Kodak will replace the pictures at no charge
  • Member of Fuji Pro net, Wedding Portrait Photographers International, Professional Photographers of America
  • Offers high quality albums with different styles and colors
  • Offers different texture album pictures: linen, pebble or matte
  • Offers different protective sprays for pictures : gloss, matte, or luster. (This is hand done and is not water based. Hand done is far superior than that of water based which is usually done at a lab) Protective sprays gives additional protection from UV light and some liquids like water
  • Has a wedding assistant, usually a female who makes sure that during the formals that clothing, hair, etc. is set right.
  • Knows how to work both with natural light and studio light
  • Brings portable studio lights for proper lighting of the reception and formals Depending on the location, works with 2 to 5 studio lights for the portraits (most of the time ceremony pictures are done with out a flash as per request of the minister. In an event that it is too dark during the ceremony and no flash can be used. After the ceremony we will redo some of the pictures with a flash)
  • Uses different styles of photography : traditional, artistic/romantic and photojournalism
  • For wedding party and family portraits. Poses women all uniformly making sure that the flowers are even aligned properly. Also makes sure that foot and body placement of men and women are uniform too.
  • Brings back up cameras and lights just in case of breakdown
  • Uses filters and vignettes for special effects
  • All the wedding packages with an wedding album include the proof(preview) album with no additional charge
  • Average pictures taken during an average 5 hour wedding is approximently 200-300.
  • Bride actually custom designs the wedding album the way she wants
  • The photographer is dressed in a suit and tie
  • Photographer usually reports at least one hour early to what ever time the bride requests
  • Offers digital imaging to enhance or improve the final print or portrait
  • Bridal registry to help with your photography investment
  • Good attitude, flexible and willing to work with you in one of the most important days.

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